best internet speed testing apps

Best internet speed test apps for iPhone and Android

If you are looking for an application that helps you find out if you are getting the Internet speeds that you pay for ISP companies, then fortunately there are a group of the best Internet speed test and measurement apps for iPhone and Android that you can rely on to check the speed of the Internet, in addition to standing on the most important problems that may cause slow internet speed.

Internet speed measurement applications ensure that you test the real speed that reaches you, as it is the best way to make sure that Internet speeds are suitable for watching videos and games. Users usually pay a large cost in most countries, especially Arab countries, for Internet service, so it is important to make sure You get service for what you pay, and these are the best internet speed meter apps for iPhone and Android in 2023.

What are the best internet speed testing apps for iPhone and Android?

best internet speed testing apps

1. Meteor App

Meteor is one of the best internet speed measurement apps, it provides you with an accurate internet speed test with a simple and organised interface along with making simple statements about how efficient your internet is, while providing information about download and response times “ping” and although it does not provide deep information About the network but gives you information about the speed of your cellular coverage This comes in handy when you travel, the app displays all the speed tests you’ve done and sorts them by best and worst performance, helping you keep track of the schedule of your speed tests and review stats about each test to monitor the change of your network experience with the passage of time.

The application enables you to perform network performance tests on individual applications such as music and video streaming services as well as games. The application supports many applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and many more. The application also provides one simple test to understand the results, including providing download and upload speed (in megabits per second). ) and response times (in milliseconds) In addition to choosing the applications you use a lot to see how they are affected by the Internet connection, the application also enables you to test the speed performance of more than five applications on the phone simultaneously.

2. SpeedTest Master App

It is the application that helps you find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi, SpeedTest Master allows you to test your internet speed and check your network performance with one click, and within 30 seconds it shows accurate results about your internet speed and whether someone is doing it Using WiFi without your knowledge, you can test download and upload speed, response time and network stability, monitor mobile data usage and check internet speed in real time with detailed graphs of network stability.

SpeedTest Master is one of the best internet speed measurement apps that provides a range of useful options such as the ability to measure the response time of PlayStation networks, YouTube, TikTok and social networks, and you can also test the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, which helps you know where you need to put your phone In it to get the strongest possible connection, and not only that, but the application provides the feature of analyzing different Wi-Fi signals. If you are in a crowded area and there is more than one open Wi-Fi available to users, the application tells you the strongest network
near you to connect to.

3. Speedtest is an app to measure internet speed

Speedtest is one of the most popular and most popular Internet speed measurement applications. Through simple steps, you can learn about the performance of the Internet connection on your phone and get to know the phone network coverage maps, based on real data collected by the application, which enables you to know the availability of many phone networks around you, besides detecting download and upload speed with the ability to test internet connection on 5G networks.

The application provides real-time graphs to help you see how good your Internet connection is, with the ability to make a single connection to simulate the download of a file or multiple files to know the maximum speed available, with troubleshooting and track your past tests with detailed reports with easy to share those results.

4. FAST Speed Test app

The FAST Speed Test application is characterized by its fast, streamlined design free of ads, as once you open the application you can start measuring your Internet speed easily, and the application is small in size, which means that it does not take up phone space, with an option that helps you show more detailed information such as response time and speed The upload and your IP address, as well as the ability to keep test results for reference in the logs section.

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5. nPerf app to measure internet speed

The nPerf application is considered one of the best Internet speed measurement applications as it provides tools to measure Internet speed in a few seconds, in addition to the ability to measure connection speed, browsing speed, page loading and video viewing, as the application keeps all results so that you can compare them with previous results, in addition to the ability to compare those tests with Other users with an accurate scale, and the application can also easily share those results on social networking sites, and the application supports measuring Wi-Fi speed as well as measuring mobile data for 3G, 4G and 5G network.

The application features a network of global servers that enables you to obtain an accurate test of the Internet speed, in addition to helping you not to consume the monthly limit of your Internet subscription, there is an indicator to measure data consumption that informs you immediately of the monthly consumption that you can specify through the settings, and the application also provides Interactive map to check network coverage and carrier performance in your geographical area.

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