The best free chat apps for PC, Android and iOS

The best free chat programs for PC, Android and iOS in 2023

Would you like to know what are the best free chat programs? Modern technology allows you to communicate and meet people from all over the world online. A free compact application on a device will serve as a communicator and help you find new people, friends, lovers or like-minded business partners.

But which of them all is the best, this time we have selected the best free chat, dating and phone communication apps and programs for Android and iOs free for you.

The best free chat programs for 2023

These are the best Apps for mobile devices that you may be interested in, each of these chatting programs come with specific purposes such as dating and meeting new people. Without further ado, here are the best chat apps:

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1. Badoo

The first of the chat programs is the classic dating service known as Badoo. It has a laconic design and easy to use settings.

The search for people will start after filling in the form with the uploaded photo. You can customize filters by interests and location.

Badoo is used by two hundred million people in one hundred and eighty countries. It is a choice you may be interested in. In addition to this.

You will find that Badoo is included in many TOP-10 and ranking in the App Store under “Social Networking”. It is one of the chatting programs that has more than one hundred million downloads.

You can download the app for Android, for iOS.

2. Airtripp

The second option of free chat programs is the global dating site with foreigners, without territorial restrictions called Airtripp.

It links two hundred and fifty countries and regions. Also offers to meet interesting people, find travel partners, improve knowledge of a foreign language.

The gift piggy bank included in the application collects bonuses for a free ticket to the country you want to visit. The function of forming a dream fundraiser is another advantage it has so that you can have a money implementation, apart from meeting new people. This is one of the chat programs with more than eight million users worldwide and has a 4.2 rating. Stars.

You can download this chat app for Android, for iOS.

3. Azar

Azar is another chat program that serves as an international swipe-based video dating service. It is a dynamic application with a modern interface and flexible settings.

It offers two types of communication: real-time video communication via facial recognition stickers and text messages with online translation function.

This app is highly recommended by users as it has a 4.2 star rating. It is one of the chat programs that has about a hundred million installations.

You can download the chat app for Android, or iOS.

4. MyLove

MyLove is another chat app known for being a popular dating site in the mobile version. Registering on this app is easy by simply logging into the social network and creating a personal profile and you are ready to start your adventure.

The user base has thirty thousand profiles behind which there are real people. Intelligent filters quickly select the best option for dating compatible with your profile.

With MyLove it is easy to find friends in your city and abroad. This is one of the chat programs that has about thirty million users and a rating of 4.1 stars.

You can download the app for Android, or iOS.

5. Tinder

Tinder is another one of the chatting programs that will help you save time. It will also allow you to search by photos and swipes highlighting the best options. Partners for communication and acquaintances are formed by mutual desire.

It is possible to upload photos from social networks and add personal information. Tinder has a modern design, well-readable font, convenient settings and occupies a minimum of device memory.

This is one of the impact chat programs on Google Play as it is included in the TOP 5 applications in the App Store in the category Lifestyle.

You can download the app for Android, or iOS.

6. Sudy

Sudy is another chat program that contains a large database of over three million wealthy men and women from all over the world. New visitors must verify their identity and income level. After authorization, the program offers to find a match nearby.

By setting the territorial parameters of the advanced search, the intelligent algorithm takes into account the best match. By uploading photos and videos every day, you can increase your chances of finding a partner and become more visible.

The service will help you find a rich partner without leaving home. This is one of the chat programs with more than one million downloads and has a 4.0 star rating.

You can download the best chat app for Android, or iOS.

7. LinkedIn

Linkedln is another chat software considered an international social networking site for business people. It has an extensive database that offers the best dating options for individual requests.

The application covers important events in the field of business, promotes the establishment of business connections between users, finds colleagues and like-minded people.

It does not overload the device memory, works efficiently on all devices. This is one of the programs included in most of the TOP-15 App Store applications in the “Social Networking” section for chatting. The rating of the program is 4.2 stars.

You can download the app for Android, or iOS.

8. MeetUp

MeetUp is a dating site focused on meetings and finding people with the same interests. The main task is to build strong relationships between ideological personalities.

Functionally, the Meetup helps to find potential friends in meetings on various topics, to expand the circle of communication. The rating given by users who use this App is 4.6 stars.

This is one of the chat programs that has been selected to be in the TOP 5 on Google Play in the “Social Networking” category.

You can download the application for Android, or iOS.

9. Anygram

Anygram is another chat program that features an international Network to find like-minded people. The integrated translators eliminate communication problems when chatting.

It has an intelligent search engine that will select your interlocutor according to the specified parameters.

Anygram contains the function of ignoring people, which allows you to eliminate uncivilized interlocutors with bad manners.

Everyone is marked by a level of goodwill, which is formed on the basis of the chat. It is one of the programs for chatting that has more than one million installations. The rating is 4.4. Stars.

You can download the chat application for Android, or iOS.

10. Loveplanet

LovePlanet is another chat program that has the theme of classic dating service. It offers you to indicate the purpose of registration which is to explain the parameters for selecting candidates; on the basis of the data, the program generates a feed of possible friends.

There is a function of anonymous communication with the user. LovePlanet uses live broadcasts that are automatically offered to users. The program has a low rating: 3.9. Stars

You can download the chat app for Android, or iOS.

The best free chat apps for PC, Android and iOS

Other methods to chat from your mobile

Now, let’s see what are the other programs to chat from your mobile, these applications and websites serve to find people but anonymously by video chats like Omegle. Every year, more and more users join this world that is expanding every day.

That is why recently there has been a growth in applications and services specifically for mobile platforms. So what are these means of anonymous digital communication? Let’s take a look at the following chat software options:

Roulette chat programs.

All popular video chats, such as chat roulette, Omegle, live streams and dating rooms are now available for mobile devices that work without prior registration or account activations.

You can use online chat via guest access, specifying only your name and gender. The following functions are available in most chat rooms:

  • Chat with random people from your phone.
  • Private and group video chat.
  • Themed rooms for communication and acquaintances.
  • Random anonymous video chat.
  • Online video transmissions.
  • Creation of a closed chat room for two.

Additional advantages include the fact that chatting with girls or guys is available completely free of charge. There are also no restrictions on the exchange of phone numbers for communication in messengers such as –

  • WhatsApp.
  • Viber.
  • Telegram.
  • Skype and Facebook.

This type of chats is quite suitable for the role of a hidden or secret chat, because on your phone there is no history of correspondence, messages and contacts.

Chat on your Android in 2023

You can use mobile chat on phones and tablets with Android system through a browser, simply by going to the default website by the messaging App.

The good thing is that you do not need to download an unnecessary application to your Smartphone and give permission to access the phone’s resources, this deprives you of the need to perform hidden and secret chats in popular instant messengers. We recommend that you have your Android system and mobile browser updated to the latest version.

App to chat on iPhone

Recently, iPhone and iPad owners can also use all video chat features without restrictions, the main thing is to update to the latest version of iOS and Safari.

Top 5 best video chat apps – For video chatting in 2023

Short message services or SMS are now a thing of the past. Much more profitable to exchange messages via mobile applications. All that is needed for communication is an Internet connection via Wi-Fi, and today this is no longer a problem. So here are five programs for chatting from your cell phone.

1. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is currently the most popular text messaging service on mobile devices. Importantly, the application is suitable for both people using Apple smartphones and people using “Android phones”.

WhatsApp can also be used by both Windows Phone phones. The program searches for all known users by phone numbers.

Trial communication with them will be free for you (first year, then – $ 0.99 per year). Of course, if you need to send a short message to someone who is not in WhatsApp, you will have to use SMS. In addition to text messaging, it provides the ability to exchange photos, videos and music.

You can download the video chat application for Android, or iOS.

2. Viber

A similar cross-platform video chat application that, like WhatsApp, uses your cell phone number as caller ID. In addition, the program allows you to make voice calls. Unlike its competitor, this utility is absolutely free, even a year after you start using it.

You can download this video chat application for Android, or iOS.

3. ChompSMS / Textra

These chat apps are only suitable for the Android platform.

ChompSMS allows you to send a short message to any number without going through the network of your mobile operator, but not for free, but according to the prices on the official website. Using this service can be beneficial or not, depending on the tariff plan.

Textra is a creation of the same developer as ChompSMS. A convenient program for those who do not want to spend mobile traffic on communication and have a mobile plan with an unlimited number of short messages. Payment is made according to the tariff of your mobile operator.

Advantages of the application:

  1. Alert pop-up windows with instant response.
  2. Organization of group communication.
  3. Signature configuration.
  4. Extensive opportunities to customize notifications: color, signal, vibration.
  5. The chat app is free of charge.

You can download the application for Android.

4. Facebook Messenger

One of the best video chatting apps that allows you to exchange instant messages with your Facebook friends without having to go to the site of this social network, as well as to visualize the “ticker” (a ribbon in which the actions of friends are displayed) and notifications.

The application is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. In addition to sending messages, voice communication also works, but only if you are in Wi-Fi range. The program is free of charge.

You can download the chatting app for Android, or iOS.

5. Telegram

The peculiarity of the program is that it was developed by Pavel Durov, the creator of Vkontakte.

This is one of the programs for chatting that has become the fastest and most convenient today. In principle, there are no special differences from its competitor WhatsApp.

With Telegram you can send the same messages, transfer photos, avatars, backgrounds. A nice detail it has is that messages sent through Telegram can be prevented from being sent to anyone else and you can make them self-destruct after a while.

You can sign up, as with other similar services, using your phone number. But as for the chat, it’s really very fast. Messages are delivered almost instantly. The program is free.

You can download the app for Android, or iOS.

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As you can see, SMS short message services is a thing of the past. Now it is much more cost-effective to exchange messages through chat programs. All you need for communication is an Internet connection via Wi-Fi. We hope we have helped you.


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