best Face Yoga Apps

[2023] The best Face Yoga Apps to relieve stress and strengthen your facial muscles

There is no doubt that you know what yoga sessions are, but have you heard of facial yoga? Facial yoga is a combination of exercises and facial massages that can strengthen your skin, tone your muscles, and even fight the signs of aging and wrinkles.

Face yoga is known for its many benefits such as face lifting and sculpting without interventions by beauty salons or dermatologists. Facial yoga exercises engage the facial muscles to improve blood circulation for a healthy glow by stimulating collagen production, relieving tension, de-puffing, and improving facial symmetry.

While we move our face every day while smiling, talking and eating, face yoga is not just a random movement of the facial muscles, but rather an integrated approach that involves many exercises to move the facial muscles in certain patterns.

best Face Yoga Apps

The best face yoga apps to relieve stress and strengthen your facial muscles

There are plenty of facial yoga apps out there to help you do face yoga regularly, so take a look below at some of the best out there in 2023.

1. Koko Face Yoga

Koko Face Yoga is an app created by well-known facial yoga expert Koko Hayashi. Koko Face Yoga has been practicing facial yoga for over 10 years and started teaching it to others in 2018. Now, Koko Face Yoga can help you start your face yoga practice.

The exercise videos on the app target different areas of your face, including your neck, cheeks, mouth, etc. Perhaps the best feature of Koko Face Yoga is the help of artificial intelligence to guide you through each exercise. There are a few free videos available, but they are limited, so it’s best to subscribe if you want access to everything in the app.

2. Face Yoga Workouts

Doing some quick face yoga is something you can add to your morning routine without taking up too much of your time. Face Yoga Workout has a huge library of free face yoga exercise videos, all of which are no longer than 30 seconds in length.

To use the app effectively, all you have to do is choose the target area of your face that you want to work on or choose from a variety of facial yoga sessions. The Lip Yoga course, for example, consists of four exercise sessions designed to prevent sagging and stimulate collagen production.

3. FaceYoga

With so many facial yoga apps and tools out there these days, it’s hard to know what will work for you and what won’t. FaceYoga is the perfect, simple and easy to use mobile facial yoga app with plenty of effective workouts for beginners to choose from.

Explore face yoga classes on the app by clicking the workout button, choosing the duration of your workout, and choosing a class. FaceYoga features a selection of yoga instructors to choose from, such as Renata Bak and Angela Kuipers. A progress photo can be taken and your exercise completion history can be viewed on the Insights page to track your progress.

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4. Face Yoga App

To get the full benefits of practicing facial yoga, you need to practice it consistently. A good way to stay consistent is to use a straightforward app like Face Yoga Exercises. With this facial yoga application, you can create your ideal exercise plan by answering questions about your gender, weight and age.

The Easy Plan is recommended for beginners, especially if you are someone who has never practiced facial yoga before. The 30-day plan consists of facial movements that target forehead wrinkles, drooping eyelids, and puffy eyes. In addition, the app provides full-body exercises, posture correction, and stretching exercises to improve your mobility.

5. Luvly : Yoga facial

Many people want to keep their faces looking young, but would like to avoid anything that involves surgery or needles. To achieve this, you can get a good night’s sleep, or you can practice facial yoga regularly. If you prefer to practice face yoga, you will love the skin lifting effects of Luvly Face Yoga!

Luvly app contains many effective exercises and facial massages. When you want to get rid of puffiness in the morning, try a morning massage to remove puffiness. Using the Luvly app is free, but in order to access the Face Fitness sessions and the rest of the face yoga classes and courses, you must subscribe

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6. Face Fitness

Face Fitness is a bit like having a comprehensive facial yoga tool in your back pocket. The app comes with a variety of exercises that are conveniently organized according to the target area, such as your eyes, forehead, nose, neck, chin, lips or cheeks. The duration of the session varies based on the area of the face you wish to treat. So if you want to smooth your forehead, for example, the session lasts for 14 days.

The easy-to-understand explanatory video, instructions and use of the front camera ensure that you perform each facial movement or massage correctly. After a facial yoga session, use the app to read some interesting articles and tips on skin care and how food affects it.

Why should you do facial yoga?

Facial yoga helps reduce wrinkles and dark circles and stimulate blood circulation in the skin, in addition to tightening the face and maintaining its freshness. These exercises relieve tension in the face, keep its muscles in a relaxed state, and protect against puffiness. Only these reasons will push you to keep these exercises that can be chosen according to the needs of your face.

Facial yoga helps break the stress patterns on our faces, such as brow curling, shoulder twitching, and jaw flexing, by stimulating the lymphatic system, muscles and skin, and relieving their tightness.

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