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Kids Piano App : Your kids will love this application

If you are looking for a music app for the little ones at home, Kids Piano is, without a doubt, one of those alternatives that you should try.With the technological advancement that is developing, mobile devices are increasingly used in everyday life by the whole family.

Nowadays, smartphones are acquiring a very important role in our children’s daily lives. It is up to us, the parents, to supervise their use and determine which applications could have a positive impact on their development.

Contact between children and smartphones is occurring at younger and younger ages, and this is not all bad. There are a number of apps that can be used to reinforce children’s learning and intellectual development, and we can take advantage of them whenever possible.

download Kids Piano App for andorid

What is Kids Piano App

Kids Piano is an application that offers different sounds of musical instruments, animals sounds and many more, developed by the company Susamp Infotech. To date it has over 1,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.1 star rating given by its users.

The app itself is perfectly designed, the quality of the images and sounds are outstanding and it runs smoothly and without interruptions. One unfavorable point is that the app is only available in English at the moment; we will have to wait for updates to see if they improve that feature.

The application is aimed primarily at young children, offering them contact with a wide variety of everyday sounds without leaving home. The Instruments section is focused on basic music instruction, allowing the child to play various musical instruments to become familiar with their sounds.

On the other hand, the Sounds section gives the child the opportunity to easily interact with a wide variety of available options. Animals, means of transportation, numbers, letters, shapes and other fun sounds are part of this entertaining section.

Types of sounds available in Kids Piano

Kids Piano is divided into 2 sections that offer different sounds, both musical and animal and transportation sounds. In addition, it also includes other striking and very useful sounds for learning pronunciation and identification of shapes, colors and countries.


It has 8 different musical instruments for the enjoyment and basic teaching of music, which are:

  1. Piano: allows you to play individual notes and up to 5 predefined melodies very cheerful and entertaining.
  2. Xylophone: colorful and very defined sounds.
  3. Drums: offers endless possibilities for the child, combining 10 different types of sounds.
  4. Flute: it has a full scale of musical notes, its response to touch is very fast and the sounds are very clear and pleasant to the ear.
  5. Harp: its interface is simple, its sound is very good and it has quite striking visual effects every time the child touches one of the strings.
  6. Guitar: it has 5 predefined melodies plus two background accompaniments (a piano and drums) that make it very interesting.
  7. Saxophone: in addition to the scale of notes, it has a button that shows an animal and its sound in a random way.
  8. Pan flute: fun and colorful, it offers 3 options of background melodies plus a button that launches streamers into the air.


Kids Piano has 12 different sections that offer a good amount of sounds, among them:

  • Pet sounds
  • Wild animals
  • Bird sounds
  • Marine animals
  • Means of transportation
  • Alphabet and its pronunciation
  • Numbers and their pronunciation
  • Flags and country names
  • Colors and their pronunciation
  • Types of shapes

And in addition to all these features, Kids Piano App give access to another 20 different and very striking sounds

Kids Piano App

What benefits can Kids Piano offer?

As we have already said, Kids Piano is an app specially designed for children to learn while they play. The interface that the application has captures the attention of infants, who quickly relate the images with their respective sounds.

From an interactive point of view, the navigation within the application is very intuitive and easy to use for the little ones of the house. The colors and illustrations of Kids Piano are very striking, which captures the attention and curiosity of children, another of its positive aspects.

There are many advantages that interactive applications offer for the intellectual development of children and Kids Piano provides the opportunity to take advantage of each one of them. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Helps the development of memory and social skills.
  • Develops concentration
  • Inspires a child’s creativity and imagination
  • It can help in the process of learning numbers, letters, colors and shapes.
  • Helps improve speech and pronunciation

The best and not so good things about Kids Piano

There are many things to highlight about this application, the list below is based on the experience of use. These points may vary according to the criteria of each person, but in particular what we liked the most was:

  • Its design, the graphics and colors are very eye-catching and catch the attention of children.
  • The interface is very easy to use and runs very smoothly
  • The quality of the sounds played
  • The wide variety of sounds offered
  • The special effects offered in every interaction
  • The light download size, only 44 M for such a complete app.

The only negative point is that the application is only in English. This in terms of sounds would not matter, but when using the pronunciation section it does become relevant for children who speak other languages.

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In conclusion, Kids Piano is one of those apps worth trying if you are looking for something entertaining, yet educational for your kids. Kids love the app because of the colors and sounds, and they are entertained by playing while learning with the help of new technologies.

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