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Try this Magnificent Application to sing with celebrities [2023]

Singing with celebrities from a great distance had never been possible until 2012, but before that, you have to focus on the past. Specifically in 1970, one of the best methods of entertainment in the world was created, this was called Karaoke.

Karaoke came to the empty places to give them a new sound, love and a lot of warmth. It got much better when it came to applications on cell phones, computers and other digital devices. Thus, the splendid idea of a connection between celebrities and their fans was born.

This application to sing with celebrities is Smule, created so that people have the opportunity to do karaoke with their favorite singers. In this way, the singer can be seen waiting for the participant’s turn while the melody of the song continues to play.

Smule app to sing with celebrities

Singing with celebrities: Connecting through music

The application to sing with celebrities was born in 2012 for IOS devices, after that, it evolved and in a year it was ready to be launched on Android. It had a very different name to the one it is known today, its original name was Sing! and it marked a difference between the competition.

It has a four-star rating and allows people to practice karaoke along with their favorite singers. One of Smule’s star ratings is its great efficiency with respect to music genres. Because every year they expand them much more and make the application unforgettable.

There is a great advantage to using this eye-catching application. It is attractive because it allows not only to sing with celebrities, but also with friends, either in the same house or remotely, just by connecting through an option provided by the app to make a karaoke something exclusive.

Step by step to use Smule

It is complicated to use this application if you do not explore it before, that is why below is a step by step guide. By reading, you will know how to use each option and you will be able to have fun, since it will not take more than ten (10) minutes to learn.

  • Download. The first step is to go to the Play Store, click on the magnifying glass and search for Smule. You will be able to recognize it right away, as it has an iridescent logo and then click on the install button.
  • Register. Smule contains many options to register, one of them is the basic one, with username and password. Another way is to connect using your Google account or cell phone number, when you click on it you will be automatically linked and logged in.
  • Select genres. After completing the profile, you will be able to select a number of four genres that catch your attention. These include pop, Latin music, rap, Korean, rock, Spanish and reggaeton.
  • Singing. The last step is the most fun, you can select the song you like and click on the “Sing” button.
    In a matter of minutes you will be singing along with your favorite celebrity and enjoying the feeling.

download smule for android

Other functions

There are other fun features for singing with celebrities with Smule that you can take advantage of, for example:

  • Invitations: as the great application that it is, Smule offers its users to invite their friends through a link in the app. In the upper left corner there is an icon of two people with a plus included, where the user can invite his friends to sing with him.
  • Channel: the user will also be able to watch videos of people around the world in the “Channel” area. An exclusive section to connect people from all over the world where you can mark likes and comment, just like in a social network.
  • Effects: some people want to sing at the top of their lungs and be recognized, so Smule created a way to make the voice come alive with the “Pro Effects” option.

It also has a great way to connect with singers and celebrities is this great section. It will be easy, because in “Activity” automatically appear the songs or videos that celebrities and singers upload every day, this way, no one misses those excellent news.

Live parties

Singing with celebrities has never been more fun since live parties were created. This is the way to connect singers, fans or people from other countries and an amazing way to include language learning as well.

Live parties can be found in one of the singing sections. The user will be able to know if any singer is live, any person they follow or if they want to explore, they will also be able to see new people.

Influencer with Smule

This application is a great opportunity to sing and be known. Influencers use it very often, but also for its monetization options. Since singers can ask for gifts and donations, the best thing is that many appreciate the beautiful voices they meet and gifts abound.

Advantages of Smule

  • Voice enhancement system: the app can enhance the voice of any user in a perfect way, making it more secure and more likely to be recognized.
  • Influencers: creating a community of followers has never been as appealing as it is in this application, where there are even possibilities that a singer can sponsor a video of another follower.
  • Little storage space: the app does not weigh, so it is completely safe and will not take up much space on the user’s cell phone. This is one of its great advantages.

Disadvantages of Smule

  • Technical problems: sometimes in the most exciting moments, the app crashes due to the large use it may have at the time. This causes people to lose the opportunity to sing for a few minutes.
  • Slowness: other times it can be slow in some options, but it is always recommended to clean the cell phone and restart the application.
  • Update: users ask for a faster update, however, the creators announced that they were working on other flashier features and soon everyone was delighted.

Smule is a great app for singing with celebrities. It has a wide variety of fun and potential options, every user despite the few flaws they have, drives them crazy and sing along with their friends; Whether at home, at parties or wherever they think the place needs a very fun karaoke.

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