How to play Fifa Soccer

Fifa Soccer for mobile : Discover and learn how to play THE Game

Fifa Soccer for mobile is the most popular game of this sport that you will find in the Play Store. You will live the best soccer experience with high quality graphics and audio that will make you feel like you are in a professional match. This game has more than 100 million downloads thanks to its originality and excellent performance.

The well known Fifa is the organization in charge of soccer worldwide and offers this game to the lovers of this sport to have fun on their cell phones. It gathers all the most important star players of the soccer elite so that you can create your ideal 11. With this game you will put into practice all your soccer knowledge and strategic skills to beat hundreds of teams.

What is FIFA Soccer for mobile?

Fifa Soccer for mobile was developed and subsequently released by the Electronic Arts organization during the year 2016. Every year this game experiences updates to players, stats and tournaments. As you play, complete challenges and acquire earnings you will improve your team. You can play online or in career mode versus the system.

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What are the main features of this digital sports game?

To know more about a digital game it is necessary to know what are the main features of it. Through its features we can know if it is really the game we have been looking for to have fun. Next, let’s get to know the most outstanding features of Fifa for mobile:

  • The user has access to the most important leagues in the world to compete.
  • You can play in career mode within a league and achieve with your club the most prizes.
  • Every week there are new tournaments with surprise prizes that will help you to empower your players.
  • The game allows you to customize each player according to your preferences. You also have control of your stadium and you can customize your club’s crest.
  • The game allows you to start from the lower leagues so that you can feel the thrill of advancing your club to the higher leagues. It is really a very engaging and satisfying challenge.
  • Fifa Soccer can only be played with an Internet connection, preferably with Wifi.
  • It allows you to make real money purchases to get upgrades or special player cards.
  • The narrations are totally similar to the matches you watch on TV, the graphics are of high quality. Each player in the game has a lot of physical resemblance and gestures to the real player.

It is a game full of details well developed for all soccer fans to live the best experience from their cell phones. Being the most complete game related to this sport, it has a wide popularity in all countries of the world.

How to play Fifa Soccer?

If you want to play Fifa Soccer the main thing you have to do is to install it on your iOS or Android. The second step is to create an account and you can do that by syncing your email or Facebook account to the game. The other step is to proceed to customize your Fifa account profile and select your team. You will also have to select the players that the system allows you to select for your starting 11.

At the beginning of the game your team will be formed with little known players since the purpose of the game is that you reach to have the most famous players. In order to build a squad with the best players in the world you must build it. To buy the elite players you have to earn coins during the game or buy them with real money.

How to play Fifa Soccer

Once you have your team, you can start your matches in the league you have chosen. The controls are very easy to use, if you have ever played on a console you will adapt quickly. On the lower right side you will find the buttons to make long and short passes and to tackle the opponent. On the lower left side the control to run and move the player in different directions.

As you win matches in Fifa Soccer you will get more experiences and coins. In the case of winning tournaments you will win prizes and surprise cards of players or skills to improve them. If you are a person who loves challenges, with this game you will be able to achieve many daily.

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Why play soccer on my mobile instead of on the console?

Although it is true that playing soccer from the console is a lot of fun, it is more comfortable from the cell phone. By playing Fifa from your cell phone you will be able to play from anywhere in your home or even outside of it. If you are on the road, you won’t lose your progress and you won’t get bored on the way. It won’t matter what time you decide to play, the game will always be available for you.

Another advantage of playing Fifa Soccer from the mobile version is that there are new promotions and prizes. There are even more prize-winning events for mobiles than for consoles. Another outstanding advantage is that playing online from mobile is more comfortable, there are usually more players online than from consoles.

Install Fifa Soccer and have fun from your cell phone

If you are a soccer fan and enjoy watching and playing it, you should not miss this app on your mobile. You can share this information with your friends who enjoy soccer as much as you do so they can play online. Build your team, design strategies with your favorite lineups and conquer all the tournaments.

Position yourself among the most outstanding Fifa players in the world. To learn tips and tricks to apply during your matches you can watch videos on Youtube. As Fifa Soccer is such a well-known game, there are many Youtubers who record their plays and post them on Youtube. This with the purpose of advising new players to learn how to play this game better.

Locate this digital game in the Play Store and download it for free. Spend hours full of fun, live the best soccer experience and share your achievements in the networks.

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